A Tainted Tribute

The internet told me once that the more effusive you are on social media in relation to your partner, the more likely it is that your relationship is doomed.

I have absolutely no research to back up that notion but it struck something of a chord in me and I unconsciously resolved never to be too publicly complimentary towards Dave for fear of somehow cursing our marriage.

(Insane, I know.)

Dave turns 35 today. (I may have had to use a calculator to confirm that one. Age just seems to be a little bit of a fluid notion the more we head upwards through the numbers. Or it could be lack of sleep and brain power. Whatever.)

Anyway, 35 is an auspicious number, and it feels momentous somehow. Like it should be marked in the annals of time. Or just in this blog. We’ll go with the latter.

We live life to the full. Often that means that Dave doesn’t get to pursue his dreams and ideals about this planet to the greatest capacity that he could have otherwise. I worry sometimes that we hold him back from true greatness.

He thinks constantly about the world, how to make it better, how to improve himself, to positively alter the lives of those around him.

Is there a system that needs to be made more efficient? Dave’s your guy.

A manifesto that needs to be envisioned? He has it in the bag.

Do you want to know the intricacies of pretty much any philosopher in the last 100 years? He can tell you.

If you want to mull over the complexities of the universe, nail down the ‘why’ behind social change, wonder at the nuances behind virtue ethics, Dave will welcome you in with open arms.

I love this guy.

The depth to his character, the way he rubs his eyes when he is tired. I love the philosophical lectures he delivers to his six year old. The enthusiasm he displays for sharing NBA with the kids, his willingness to enter Minecraft worlds to build them up together. I love his sense of humour, his passion for micro-schools. I marvel at the way a walk by can trigger a complete look of adoration in Harvey, his whole body flapping with unrestrained wonder at the person that is his father. We are all so incredibly lucky to have him in our lives, to be challenged by him, inspired by him.

David, I love doing life with you.

There is no one else I would rather be bone-tired with, laugh with, poke fun at, cook for, be real with. The first (almost) thirteen years have been filled to the brim with vitality and meaning. It hasn’t been easy, but then easy is rarely the path to great happiness, is it? Thank you for being the passionate, driven, altruistic guy that you are. I am constantly amazed by you.

(Now, how do I go about avoiding this relationship curse?)

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