Holding Steady


With one foot 

I rock

back and forth

calm and bright

a steady pace 

for silvery sleep

With a loaded cart

I steer 

through crowded aisles

and car parks

Re-stocking shelves

stirring pots

refilling endlessly 

empty bellies

With frenzied fingers

I type

Spilling words, wishes

and realisations

Finding the

pulse underneath

Hoping for 

existential purpose

and a life that 


With each movement

I exist

The mundane, understated

nature of each task

underscoring the 


of life

lived for others

expressed through 

passion, purpose and 


This post is inspired by the Five Minute Friday writing challenge. Each week I join with this talented group of writers, free writing for five minutes in accordance with a prompt. Today’s prompt is ‘steady’. 

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The Impossible Price

Life A collection, completion Moment upon moment Minutes that stretch  into years … Arrival is impossible intangible, elusive And yet we strive, for something, someone anything that will take us forward … Breath and beauty shadow and pain achingly combine Knitted together  seamlessly … What is a moment  worth? When I am […]

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The Ticking Paradox

I think in waves Fingernails in need of a snip Winter beachside holidays My body sharply reminds me  of the sleeping baby’s need for sustenance … I gaze forward in anticipation, wonder hesitation and fear Caught in the moment  the bouquet of uncapped colours strewn haphazardly as if forgotten … […]

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It owns me Directing my thoughts and channelling my steps Feet glued to a track that glides unseen underneath … The shape of obligation of molding myself  holding myself up to a glinting standard of motherhood sisterhood wifedom.  … Its the voice that bites, condemns that offers snarky words of […]

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Mind Games

Not enough.  Whispers communicated through streaked benchtops piles of hastily stacked crockery Windows dotted with evidence of living echo ‘clean, erase, perfect’ … Not enough. Resting is lazy, dwindling the minutes as if they were a luxury ‘What did you accomplish today?’ ‘Why didn’t you go there, be that, fix […]

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I conspire against it biding my time tapping fingernails against the steering wheel  willing life to return  to a ‘normal’ speed again … ‘Slow’ gives me too much space to ask questions to catastrophise, ruminate be Showing up the inconsistencies  A bright, glaring light of truth … Can I learn […]

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At first it lingers frustration brewing fears sparked Movements that don’t  flow, glide, settle Breathing ragged emotions heightened wistful glances to the  past … It burns a hole through which a  whole can emerge Glances of superiority  become flashes of  understanding, empathy, relief The pedestal slowly lowering for all the […]

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The Current

Pressure rising bubbling under the fragile surface words bouncing off  darkened faces Shallow, quick  desperate breaths … Gaze holding Hands busily twisting wheels and wishes Gratitude rising Peace blossoms Luxurious air  travelling inwards … Panic erupting clutching, grasping hoping for the swell of  pain to abate Breath ceasing body tightening […]

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After the Fall

Isolation wraps its insistent tentacles tighter, whispering messages of  deception Luring, grating, fiendishly beckoning I follow – blindly stumbling until the mirage vanishes Left in an eerie cave of  disappointment Pain flashes, sadness looms Connections weakened and tried Tears don’t come easily Trapped behind the wall of  self-discipline, punishment, gloom […]

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In the Midst…

It’s messy in the middle. Toys strewn, boxes scattered of  their innards, doors opening then easing shut. I take a breath, letting it out slowly. … I look down at my ever expanding middle – watching the tiny shark fin track its way beneath the surface.  I take a breath, […]

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