Pots and Prisms

A detour


will it break me?

Or will I 

bend, fluidly


to welcome the


It starts

as a bruise

tender, smarting


I push on it


and find it

surprisingly mundane

Not the 



reality that I 

vividly imagined

I’m getting closer now

wounds from eras past


moments of pain


shame and blame

bob eerily 

making ripples

I examine them

with bewilderment

‘Is this really what I was 

afraid of?’

The shining core


illuminating my 

shadowed fears with 

impossibly brilliant


I stagger towards it


desperately wanting

to find the glimmering pot

but realising the

beauty of the shimmering 

colours was actually

the prize

all along

This post is inspired by the Five Minute Friday writing challenge. Each week I join with this talented group of writers, free writing for five minutes in accordance with a prompt. Today’s prompt is ‘overcome’. 

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I hid from my weaknesses for a long time. Pouring myself into another mould – one that I could be proud of, control, contain. When the cracks began to fracture I looked away, then realised resistance would only lead to pain. My selfless helping, what I had hoped was an […]

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The List

It was a brisk, chilly evening. I wore a coat of peacock blue. We strolled along the lane slowly, the aroma of meatballs, pizza, Italian coffee drifting out across the way. When we sat down at the rickety table under the stars I pulled out a yellow legal pad and […]

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Talking Umbrellas

Mary Poppins. I was raised on her whimsical magic, her strict adherence to schedule and her intolerance of poor posture. Umbrellas became instruments of flight, carpet bags gained a sudden mystical quality and chalk drawings on pavements – portals to other worlds. Yesterday, we passed on the baton – introducing […]

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Facing the Music

We found out last week that Hudson doesn’t, in fact, have Sleep Apnea. Or at least it isn’t severe enough to do anything about it. The Specialist who conveyed the news did so in a manner almost congratulatory, blissfully unaware that his ‘good news’ to me was an unravelling – […]

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