Holding Steady


With one foot 

I rock

back and forth

calm and bright

a steady pace 

for silvery sleep

With a loaded cart

I steer 

through crowded aisles

and car parks

Re-stocking shelves

stirring pots

refilling endlessly 

empty bellies

With frenzied fingers

I type

Spilling words, wishes

and realisations

Finding the

pulse underneath

Hoping for 

existential purpose

and a life that 


With each movement

I exist

The mundane, understated

nature of each task

underscoring the 


of life

lived for others

expressed through 

passion, purpose and 


This post is inspired by the Five Minute Friday writing challenge. Each week I join with this talented group of writers, free writing for five minutes in accordance with a prompt. Today’s prompt is ‘steady’. 

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The In-Between

‘There are just too many kids here!’ The thought went unbidden through my mind earlier today. I was trying to feed Harvey while bending down to help Ivy put on her third pair of shoes for the past hour, calling out to Eli to go around through the garage while he […]

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Introducing Harvey

It has been ten days since I last tapped away on these keys, the final stages of the pregnancy growing more difficult and exhausting as it became an effort just to get to the end of each day. I intend to write about the complicated and difficult birth experience surrounding […]

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Lessons from the Future

Dear Emma, Take a breath. And another one. You are 35 weeks pregnant and wasting your energy huffing about not having enough energy. Sometimes you just have to let things go, sink into the couch and allow life to swirl around you. I know you aren’t good at that by […]

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I’m not sure if I’m meant to admit this or not, but I’m not quite sure how to use Instagram. I’ve shared random photos over the past year, but haven’t really got the hang of hashtags or followers and I feel very much like a novice every time I post. Then […]

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A Wildflower Bouquet

I gather them Little twigs of delight long stemmed blooms of  moments played well words nicely spoken harmony embodied in rapidly sprouting minds. Glossy leaves of focus the quiet rustle of pages unbidden, heartfelt offers of thanks rainbows captured on shimmering white, the scattering of  uncapped ink.  … I breathe […]

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The Little Things

These bodies won’t be little forever. I tell myself as I watch them all squish into one bath, scooping up bubbles and doing each others hair. They won’t always struggle to manage their emotions. I repeat over and over as we spend night times battling ‘rages’ over going to bed. […]

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