5 Ways I Currently Don’t Have My Shit Together

Ever since I stumbled upon Kelly Exeter’s confessional piece with an invitation to link up one’s own black list, I have been composing this post in my head.

I’m a lover of beauty, my eye is captured by the enchanting moments and my camera is an extension of that. Not that I’m a stranger to confessional posts, I try to be vulnerable and authentic in everything I share, but the mundane ways that I’m screwing it up – that’s a different story.

So, without further ado, here is my list:

1. I’m a Terrible Nurse
Dave has been at home recuperating from an appendectomy for the past week now, and it is fair to say that I’m not very sympathetic. After the first few days of him lying on the couch I was convinced that he should be better by now and unfortunately he is very good at reading the unspoken words. My bedside manner leaves a lot to be desired. I think he was glad to escape to his first day back at work today!

2. I Like Wine a Little Too Much
When crazy hour rolls around in this house, it usually coincides with me looking with purpose at the bottle of Tempranillo or Shiraz on the bench. Sometimes the glasses are generously poured (or refilled) as the minutes drag slowly to the point where I hear the heavenly sound of Dave pulling into the driveway.

3. My Bathroom Is Hardly Ever Cleaned
Ok, so you might never want to visit my house again, but apart from a swish of disinfectant in the toilet or a quick spray and wipe of the bench, it can sometimes go months before I get out the gloves and properly scrub out the shower! The bath is a little more sanitary as it becomes necessary to clean it every time there is a ‘Code Brown’, which with young kids is fairly regularly. I spent an hour on hands and knees today scrubbing and disinfecting and I can finally look without cringing again!

4. I Have A Potty Mouth
Normally, my language is fairly controlled but if that flame of anger flares – watch out! I’ve had to read the signs and am currently attempting to figure out some swear word substitutions for when I really get going ever since Eli began repeating my ‘naughty words’ back to me… If you have any suggestions, particularly ones that begin with the letter ‘F’ and are satisfying to say when infuriated, I would be intrigued to hear them!

5. I Care Way Too Much About What People Think
The thought that my Mum will be horrified by this post is almost enough to make my finger hover over the ‘backspace’ button. I replay conversations in my head and berate myself for saying things a certain way. I wonder if the McCafe staff think I spend too much time in the corner at my computer. I worry that you will think I’m a complete screw-up after reading this post!

Well, there you have it. My faults on display.

If anyone is brave enough to share their own offerings, I would love to hear them! Or link up at Kelly’s blog with your piece here.

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  1. Emma, your horrified too that your parents will read your words? Kindred spirits we are! Keep writing our your faults. I’ll keep reading, friend. The mess rings true in my ears.

    1. Kindred spirits, indeed 🙂 Such a temptation to keep that perfect facade that has been in place since childhood, but I know it only destroys me in the end… I’ll keep writing if you do! xx

  2. Hey Emma – thank you so much for linking up! I too am a really unsympathetic nursemaid. And … um, I am good at keeping my bathroom … tidy (to the constant horror of my mother-in-law!
    But isn’t it great that no matter how we don’t have our shit together – life can still be pretty bloody great!

    1. Thank you for coming up with the idea in the first place! I loved the way you also put the positive stuff at the end because life is like that, isn’t it! I really enjoy reading your posts and I’ve just started listening to Straight and Curly too- you are doing great things! 🙂 xx

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