The Visceral Path

Sometimes it disappears into shadows,

murky and swirling with mist.

Perhaps overcome with overgrowth,

tangled and impossibly wild.

At times it converges and I

see a friendly face

brimming with relief.

And then there are the moments,

the strokes of pure ecstasy,

stumbling through thorns

and brambles only to discover

a sun-drenched field.

A place to be, feel, discover.

A pause in the relentless journey.

Where all suddenly clicks into place

and it seems as if the Universe

is for me, around me, inside of me.


This post is part of a link up with an amazing community of writers at Five Minute Friday. We free write for five minutes each Friday on a prompt. This week’s prompt is ‘path’. Join us!

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    1. I’ve been so slack this week getting back to everyone! You should so write poetry, Amber – the thing I love about it is that it looks so different and beautiful for everyone, and it has been the best way for me to understand what is going on beneath that deeper layer that seems inaccessible to probes of logic or reasoning. I am by far a novice poet, but I’m loving the journey!

    1. That is a profound observation – it really does! When everything is smooth edges and perfect lines we just blend in someone and can’t distinguish ourselves at our core… so great.

    1. That is so kind, Andrew and I’m so awed that a piece of my random imaginative exploration resonated with an experience of yours. That is why we write, is it not? To become connected.

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