After the Fall

Isolation wraps its insistent tentacles

tighter, whispering messages of 


Luring, grating, fiendishly beckoning

I follow – blindly stumbling

until the mirage vanishes

Left in an eerie cave of 


Pain flashes, sadness looms

Connections weakened and tried

Tears don’t come easily

Trapped behind the wall of 

self-discipline, punishment, gloom

When the dam breaks, relief hits

words take the place of heavy silence

Tiny gestures, wound up with string

Refinement is discovered 

in the depths

This post is part of the Five Minute Friday writing challenge. Each week I join with this talented group of writers, free writing for five minutes in accordance with a prompt. Today’s prompt is ‘refine’. 

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  1. Emma,

    Your words are always so beautiful and paint a vivid picture of the theme. This post created a feeling of those moments when we are being lured by Satan’s lies. “Isolation wraps its incessant tentacles tighter” -what a perfect description.

    1. I really feel like there is a constant battle going on between isolation and connection… the former lures us to destructive and harmful behaviours, and the latter is scary and requires such risk and vulnerability, but is what we are totally wired for…

  2. Emma,
    this immediately made me want to come visit you. So many of us are invoking personal pain this week in our posts. Heaven is going to be one big party where we have no isolation and constant fellowship will be the joy! I cannot wait to be there with you. In the meantime, may God’s hands be on you and your wee one inside and the other two sweet blessings you are raising for His kingdom!
    (#80 this week)

    1. Aw, that is so sweet! Refinement sounds like such a beautiful thing, and it is, but the road seems to lead through darkness and pain… looking forward to reading your post for the week! and thanks always for the encouragement xx

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