Planes, Presents and Proud Parents

Three years ago our lives were completely turned around by the arrival of one cute and spirited baby boy, Eli Thomas Hughes. He was an amazing sleeper, hit all the milestones right on schedule and gave us a reasonably smooth introduction into parenthood. 
Yesterday, our cheeky boy turned three years old! We had a Planes themed birthday party with family and close friends and it was so much fun. Given my current energy levels, I had decided to keep it pretty simple with the food and decorations, but I was so pleased with how everything came together at the last minute. At Easter time, Mum had planned a Planes themed Easter egg hunt and in the process had hand-painted wings of most of the planes in the movie. After all her hard work (and considering Eli’s love of the movie and the figurines) we decided to recycle them as decorations for the party.
For the food we bought savoury hot appetisers from Costco and served alongside homemade sausage and chorizo rolls, cheese platters, fruit platters and dips. The sweets included rocky road, cloud cookies, raspberry and macadamia blondies and blue jelly ‘cloud and sky’ parfaits. The cake involved a blue and orange coloured ice-cream creation with wafers and honeycomb. Thankfully, no one left hungry!

Dave charismatically led the kids in games like ‘Deliver the Parcel’, ‘Planes Statues’, ‘Planes Bingo’ and ‘Pin the Propeller on Dusty’. Eli was exceptional, avoiding tantrums and dutifully giving hugs to all the generous present givers, even waiting for a long time for the parcel to get around to him to open in Deliver the Parcel. 

All in all it was such a fun (but tiring) day! Hudson chose to continue ‘celebrating’ with us by waking suddenly at 9pm, hysterical and coughing. He strongly resisted being put back to bed and ended up being driven around by Dave for an hour until midnight. In the end, the only way he would sleep was in the pram, and he continued to sleep fitfully for the rest of the night. Dave was amazing, sending me to bed as I had not sat down the whole day and was flagging and nauseous.

The next morning I was awoken by a knock at the door and a glowing green owl clutched in one hand. It was THE morning!! Eli was very excited to received our gifts, particularly the Chuggington set (bought for $5 on eBay!) that we had set up for him in the playroom. It was a struggle getting him to stop playing with the set, even for pancake breakfast! 

Thinking back to last birthday for Eli, where Hudson was soooo grumpy, this time he was absolutely incredible. He adopted Eli’s new soccer ball as his own, of course, but was largely content following around the balloons that we had left lying on the floor! We were even treated to special enthusiastic hip dancing during the party and he just loved having everyone around. 
As for baby news, well, we had the scan last Monday and everything was fine! There is a tiny jelly bean with arms bobbing around in there and Dave and I both shed a tear of relief at the hope of new life. It has been so much easier mentally for me, knowing that the constant nausea, fatigue and bouts of vomiting are not for nothing. Actually, right as I have hit week 9 I have started feeling a lot better, still constantly nauseous, but not needing to crash right after the kids go to bed and the last time I threw up was Tuesday. This is totally new for me, as usually my worst period is from 10 to 16 weeks. I think it has also helped for me to have something else to plan for and focus on, keeping my mind off how I am feeling and onto what I am doing. Life is good.

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