Taking it Slowly

Pregnancy is tough. 
I blissfully forget about the reality until I’m smack bang in the middle of it and then all the memories return. The way the most inane of smells can have you reaching for the spew bucket, how you constantly need to graze even though the last thing you feel like doing is eating, how getting up quickly can make everything go black and how your energy is constantly at ‘connect your charger’. 

This week has seemed to last forever. My parenting has suffered a major blow as the kids sense weakness and hone in on it like a guided missile. Dave has been amazing though, getting up before me, bringing me breakfast in bed, then wrangling two grumpy and hungry kids for half an hour while I ease into the day.

We also had an amazing time away with Mum, Dad and Hali at Wye River over the weekend. Despite the worst night on record for Hudson’s sleeping (think screaming kid from 12:30 to 4:30am in a small three bedroom apartment), we managed to pull it together and enjoy the beach, adventures to Lorne and Apollo Bay, and bouts of Jay’s Balls, not to mention World Cup soccer games sprinkled in there. 
Eli absolutely loved it, being of an age where anticipation is a positive quality now and even the simple things awed him. It also helped that he was an incredible sleeper as usual, despite the theatrics going on in our room next door. Aunty Hali played the doting but firm aunt with precision and followed the boys around the playground dutifully, allowing me to have much appreciated breaks.
The first day after we returned was the hardest as it is easy to take for granted having four extra pairs of hands to assist with kids, meals, discipline and playtime. It was a bit of a brutal shock to the system to be doing it solo again really. 
Nevertheless, we made it through, greatly assisted by a prescription for morning sickness tablets from my obstetrician. We are also nervously awaiting the ultrasound booked for Monday, given our last experience with Frankie. Dave will, this time, be coming so we can face whatever happens together. 

One day at a time. Or at least that is how I’m attempting to approach life!

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