Portals and Passageways

Do you ever notice the way that certain scents, movements, actions can transport you back in time to a particular place or memory? I’m transported vividly back to the ornate mustard-hued apartment in a Palazzo in Venice whenever I inhale Ralph by Ralph Lauren, certain yoga poses have somehow become connected with memories of university, of an airport in Rome, of a case I worked on when I was a lawyer. It endlessly fascinates me how these things are seemingly randomly connected. I notice these experiences, collect them, turn them over in my hand to observe them. Taking photos is another fascination of mine – amassing moments and memories to relive and treasure again later.

The cool, heady scent

pulls me

hurtling through 

timezones and eras


to the city of bridges

to the strains of a

melancholy opera

caressing the shimmering


Smooth movements 

trembling positions

As I tilt my face towards

the hint of sun

revisiting memories


places that 

attach themselves

cling invisibly to

the arc of my body

The jolt of the 

shutter, the eye

springing shut

capturing the movements

frozen, the moments

finite now made


a portal beckoning

connecting us

forever to the 


This post is inspired by the Five Minute Friday writing challenge. Each week I join with this talented group of writers, free writing for five minutes in accordance with a prompt. Today’s prompt is ‘collect’. 

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  1. Love this! I recently got a really nice new digital camera; way fancier than my old point and shoot. I’m loving capturing photos. I’m over in the 3 spot this week.

  2. Hi, Emma. Beautiful. I’ve always found memories interesting. Taste, smell, colors, theme songs, words, and more bring back feelings and experiences.
    A memory is a treasure and as I get older I find I’m trying harder to capture these, savor them, and collect them for myself and my family.

    1. I love it – yes, a memory is completely a treasure and something to collect and enjoy! Even as I near my birthday this year I’m asking for things that will enable the capturing of good memories rather than just ‘things’ that gather dust…

  3. Yes! Often it’s the most ridiculous objects or situations we remember, but they make us smile and feel warm inside. And that’s worth it.

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