The Paradox of Parenting

Five years of little feet

Five years of lack of sleeping

Of realising our complete and utter

lack of predicting.

We know there was a ‘before’

but how can we even picture

what that looked like 

when it didn’t include 


Five years of tears

Five years of weeping

Of picking you up and whispering

“It’s all going to be fine”

Your pain became our wounds

Your laughter our reward

And we can’t help but wonder

at how different you each 


Five years of wonder

Five years of sighs

Of time that no longer is our own

Of life that is lived for a higher

meaning, purpose, destiny

You don’t even know the half of it


This post is part of a link up with an amazing community of writers at Five Minute Friday. We free write for five minutes each Friday on a prompt. This week’s prompt is ‘five’. Join us!

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