A Ticket for Time Travel

There aren’t many moments in life for me that aren’t automatically filtered through a number of layers: ‘What should I be doing right now?’ ‘Who needs something from me?’ ‘What tasks are outstanding?’ I act as if on auto pilot – cleaning, responding, instructing, rescuing.

It was a while ago now. The hum of kids splashing in the bath, water flowing into the sink to cleanse dirty dishes. A song came on and I couldn’t help myself. Whirling, spinning, eyes squeezed shut as I completely surrendered to the moment. A giddy smile spread across my face as I remembered, for a brief second, what it felt like to be a child again. I opened my eyes to find my eldest son staring, open-mouthed with slight concern as he no doubt wondered what strange force had overtaken his usually responsible mother.

This energy throbs shallowly under the surface for my children. It only takes the press of a button to unearth the reserves of happiness that become unleashed as they wiggle and shriek to the flow of the music. They dance with abandon, unconcerned with how they might be perceived, who might be watching, what mundane task they should be completing at that moment.

I yearn for that freedom, ever so slightly out of grasp.

This post is part of the Five Minute Friday writing challenge. Each week I join with this talented group of writers, free writing for five minutes in accordance with a prompt. Today’s prompt is ‘abandon’. 

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  1. I hope you find that moment again;) or another one waiting where you least expect it. I remember seeing my mom in moments like that and those memories help me see her as she truly is, not as I perceive her. You gave Hudson a gift.

    1. What a great reminder about the power of seeing our parents as they are, not as their ‘role’ to us…. I love that!

  2. Dance, girl, dance! I serve in the children’s ministry at church. The best part: I get to be a kid again. I’m allowed to act silly, and be goofy. It’s so freeing. Here’s to dancing with Abandon 😊

  3. I love to steal a little inspiration from the children in our family. My son is past that childlike abandon right now, but even he has his moments. Life is such a gift. It would be a shame not to savor what our Father in Heaven has gifted us with.

    Loved my visit from FMF. Have a lovely weekend Emma!



    1. There is so much inspiration to be gleaned when you are in the right frame of mind, isn’t there? Thanks for visiting!!

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