Ode to Gus

Your little white head pops up

Eyes almost hidden behind 

shaggy fur

Watching, being, wondering. 

You wiggle your entire body in 

ecstasy when we re-enter

even if it has only been mere

moments, our presence to you is 

pure joy.

Eleven years of companionship

Nestling your warm body into my lap

Eyeing the tightly wrapped bundles 

with suspicion and excitement 

Sniffing to wonder at the mystery of 


Your loyalty knows no bounds

Ever-forgiving, ever-loving

Never snapping at sticky, prodding 


You are patient, resilient, kind.

Your entire life has been spent in our shadows.

How much of that have I taken for granted?

May it not be in your own shadow that 

I finally learn to marvel at you.

This post is part of a link up with an amazing community of writers at Five Minute Friday. We free write for five minutes each Friday on a prompt. This week’s prompt is ‘loyal’. Join us!

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    1. Such a wonderful picture – the devotion and care that it takes to look after our canine friends and the reward that is inherent in the relationship 🙂

  1. Ohhh, he’s a darling! Your poetry, as always, is beautiful!
    I also wrote about our dog, Bella. It’s amazing how the one word, “Loyal,” can invoke such similar inspiration in anyone who has ever owned a dog. Have a great week!
    Shauna (your neighbour at #14)

    1. I did wonder how many of the pieces on loyalty would gravitate towards our dogs – I tried different angles in my mind but to no avail! Looking forward to reading your piece xx

  2. Pets loyalty to us really do not know bounds, do they? What a fun post. Your dog looks so sweet. Did you know today is national dog day? I’m over in the 35 spot this week.

  3. Emma,
    may I wish Gus a Happy “National Dog Day” from the U.S.?? Personally, my childhood dog is up on a pedestal and no substitute has been found since my parents had to lay him down in 1999.
    I love your closing lines. We can apply those to many others in addition to our darling pets. Not only in their shadow and absence, but today. Thank you. Thank you for your loyalty, your friendship, your consistency.
    So glad to read your poetry this week!!
    (#7 this week)

    1. That is so true, Tammy. That moment when you discover someone you love is no more, or is seriously ill brings such clarity and perspective about all the things that matter. Sounds like your dog was a very formative relationship in your life, I hope you find similar heights of beauty one day xx

    1. They do, don’t they! I’m smiling at him right now and he is just looking at me completely perplexed, one ear pricked up as he splays out on the couch… dogs are pretty cool 🙂 Missed hanging out online with you again this week – going to read your post now!

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