The Gravity of Joy

It is the wafting threads of rising dough

the strains of lifting music 

that beg to be turned up louder

It is the first glimpse of a new day

a fresh chance after darkness and tears in the night

The stir of tiny movements after a

horrifying absence

When the facade is down and all is

revealed as broken, wanting, weak

The embrace of a rescuer, the

reassuring words of reality

of a story that wants to be told

It is the rising again

and again.

This post is part of the Five Minute Friday challenge that I’m participating in along with a talented community of other writers. We free write for five minutes each Friday in accordance with a prompt. Today’s prompt is ‘joy’. 

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  1. Our stories are meant to be told. I love what Brene Brown says, “The bravest thing you’ll ever do is tell your story.” I’m over in the 4 spot this week.

  2. The dough is deep, my friend. I got chills with that one. Maybe because I’m picturing your fridge packed with dough and sauces and your the baby waiting the announcement, and then life happens, as it always does. I love how you let yourself feel it all.

    1. It was definitely a day of feeling! And so much to learn from the most simple things – dough is incredible in its resilience… and I’ve had a lot of practice with it over the past few days! xx

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