Slicing Below the Surface

Minutes before bedtime on Friday night we were thrown into chaos, as a wrestling move went wrong and Hudson dived into a wooden chair leg, splitting his forehead open deeply. The moments that followed were like nothing we had experienced before.

//Laughter, then a loud crack

His head connects with an unyielding surface

Instantly we are in a different realm

Panic, blood, pain

‘Get a towel! Get in the car! No, call an ambulance!’ 

Tears flow, words slow

‘I need you to take a deep breath’

The kindness of strangers and family

‘We are here, we are here, we are here’

The squirming feel of agony

Even thought it isn’t my pain

We find peace and calm in beeping rooms

‘It’s going to be OK’

Drug seeps into tiny veins

Hooking needle pulls the pieces together again

He is on another plane

Leaving us behind

We hold his little hand so tightly

If only we could have protected him


Thankfully, Hudson has made an amazing recovery, despite needing six stitches, but it has definitely shaken us up and made me realise to another degree how it is impossible to protect my kids and prevent these kinds of things happening. At a much deeper level, it has made me ponder the workings of prayer and the mystery of the body’s incredible ability to regenerate and heal itself. We are so thankful to those around us who were praying and messaging us, offering comfort and reassurance. And to Dave’s parents who selflessly looked after Eli and Ivy until well after midnight so that Dave and I could be by Hudson’s side. It is in these times that you truly realise how blessed you are…. and how much you have to lose.

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  1. Emma, I’m so happy this worked out well…and think of the way cool scar Hudson will have! He’ll be showing it off to EVERYONE.

    And they’ll be asking, “And what did the other guy look like?”

    Well, that’s how I always played it.

    And again…so glad this came out well. Truth to tell, the obvious ‘hospital picture’ at the top made my blood go cold. So relieved!

    1. That is so true, Andrew – he is already enthusiastically telling everyone we meet “I hurt my foh-wed!’ and ‘I went in a fire engine’! We are so relieved as well… hope your week has been a better one – will head on over to your post soon!

  2. Oh I am so glad your little guy is okay. I know the fear of a child getting hurt. Even though none of my own children got hurt that badly when they were small, my oldest grandson fell from a sliding board at the park one day and had the same head injury. Boys heal quickly and are usually proud of scars! 🙂 I am in spot 63 this week!

    1. Oh wow, that must have been so scary 🙁 Glad to hear he is OK now and that he healed quickly… we get the stitches out on Wednesday so we’ll see then how he is tracking 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Emma,
    that powerless feeling when you can’t protect them from injury. Oh, I am so sorry for the fear you experienced, and so glad for your faith.
    Our daughter cut her foot open while we were camping two years ago and we were looking around for the adults, and realized “we ARE the adults!” It was scary. She ended up with five stitches atop her foot but it could have been much worse.
    God is definitely with us then, but my heart is racing after reading your story.
    And the head and feet? They seem to bleed so much more than some other places on the body.
    Thankful he is recovering just fine. Is he your second or your oldest? Ours was our second.
    Love you! And so glad to have another reason to be your friend. We’re going through this together.

    1. Oh that sounds so awful 🙁 I’m afraid I don’t do very well under pressure, but Dave at least stayed calm and focused…So glad to hear that your little one is OK – there must be something about the second child! Thank you so much for your encouragement and empathy – so great to know you have friends that have been through similar things and know that horrible feeling… xx

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