Hidden in Plain Sight

The scent of lilies, 

white, subtle, unfurling

The chance to revive 

childhood memories

‘Cuckoo, Cuckoo’

A pot furiously bubbling

on the stove

The long stem of 

a crystal glass swirling with 

warmth, laughter, passion

Bergamot scented 

clean, crisp washing

Cool and smooth

white sheets

Reclining on a rope swing

with a small body tucked

close to mine

The flapping of artwork

whenever the

cold door opens

Two superheroes

receding into the distance to

save the day

Happiness can be found



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  1. Emma, this is wonderful! I started recording all the little happy things around me recently, and it makes me so happy. But you put it in such wonderful words…
    Thanks for sharing and have a HAPPY weekend!

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