Up and Down

If she ever asks for a ‘tuddle’ I know better than to bend down or lift her into my lap. These options are insufficient, not offering the required amount of comfort. Being hoisted up into my arms is like a salve, a balm that ceases the flow of tears, envelops her to help her forget the pain or fear that prompted her distress.

What is it about being higher that helps our perspective? Do we see our relative insignificance to the landscape, the magnitude of our problems receding into the wideness of space?

The baby who senses you have sunk into a chair and lets out a peal of frustration, the toddler who cries ‘up, up!’ The boy who wants to be carried, half awake from the back seat of the car, lulled into a sense of cushioning that only willing arms can bring.

I still remember those moments, mind in two spaces, unable to suppress a half-smile when I felt the strong arms lift me carefully, lowering me down into the feathery bed.

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  1. There is just something about being up and way somewhere safe. Nothing bad can reach you up there. Some days I wish my daughter was small enough to still sweep her up and protect her from all her fears.

    1. Oh I try and remind myself often of that – even through the haze of crazy toddler antics, at least a cuddle can make everything better still… I know that won’t last forever 🙁

  2. I remember too. Perhaps it’s the height, perhaps the strength of daddy’s arms when actually suspended as opposed to cuddled on a lap. Memories that also invoke a smile. Thanks.

  3. There is something so captivating about being lifted up….something higher than ourselves. Maybe the comfort of knowing there is something that can take us higher. Beautiful.

  4. I love this! so often in need of a higher perspective. AND I love that your post seems like you actually wrote it in 5 minutes! Ha! I try not to compare myself to all the other writers but I’m like HOW IN THE WORLD do they write that much in 5 minutes?

    1. haha I know what you mean! I find it difficult to be prolific in five minutes but admire those who can just sit there and churn it out 🙂

  5. Brilliant! I had never thought of this! It is true, though! And there is something about getting a different perspective. Love! Thank you! Puts a different spin on my children asking to be picked up!

  6. Emma,
    yes! My kids love when I’m sitting (which is rare) or lying down (even more rare). My 5 year old takes it as a chance to climb all over me. She still snuggles like an infant when given the chance.
    This was a beautiful image. I see so many illustrations of the Shepherd cradling a small lamb in his arms and think of that lift above danger, above circumstances, etc. You’re right on!

    I was holding my delightful niece Friday and didn’t post at all. Thanks for your comments the week prior. I am finally catching up.

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