A Culinary Surprise

I’m getting better at cooking.

Sometimes I drop the egg before it gets to the bowl,

Or crank the heat up before the pan is ready.

Whisking furiously when the recipe calls for

gentle folding.

But sometimes, the ingredients before me

sing in perfect harmony

I notice the tiny flecks of flour,

watching in surprise as the cake rises

to the occasion.

Time slows, I turn down the oven

I throw a smile into the bowl

taking the glance of wonder and

adding that into the mix.

It seems to me that I have all the tools,

the recipe and the produce

to keep on creating


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    1. Thanks Alice! It sure is special, and I’m sure I’m not the first one to compare cooking to the art of life and making moments magic πŸ™‚

  1. Emma, I love this. You know, baking and using recipes truly is another way to create. I need to make some magic soon. I’m in the 51 spot this week.

    1. There is something pretty mysterious and magical about the process of cooking and baking – I love it! It can teach us so much about life…

  2. Emma,
    my fondest and earliest memories in the kitchen are the aromas of baking. My mother didn’t trust her scarce meal resources (family of seven) to a beginner, but I was reading recipes and rolling out pie crusts along with her at a very young age.
    Thank you for your delightful post!
    (I didn’t write this week, which is hard for me, but too much on my plate!)

    1. That sounds so delightful! I love how evocative food memories can be… very powerful πŸ™‚ Hope you are doing OK, I always struggle when I don’t get to write πŸ™ Thinking of you xx

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