Introducing Harvey

It has been ten days since I last tapped away on these keys, the final stages of the pregnancy growing more difficult and exhausting as it became an effort just to get to the end of each day. I intend to write about the complicated and difficult birth experience surrounding Harvey’s arrival soon, but for now – meet the beautiful boy who has captivated us in the six short days that he has been around.





He is worth every bit of pain, trauma, exhaustion, shock that his arrival incurred.

We are very much enjoying getting to know his quirks (the midnight random shrieks before going peacefully back to sleep being one of them) and savouring what is (to all intents and purposes) the final newborn experience for our family. Harvey’s brothers and sister are completely enamoured with him and clamour to be the one to get the next cuddle.





Of course it hasn’t been all sunshine and roses – we are also battling exhaustion, new family dynamics (more tantrums and emotional outbursts from one in particular), a slowly healing body and a bout of jaundice that almost required readmission for photo therapy. But through it all, we have been carried – with the bountiful delivery of meals that gets us through each day, the flowers, cards, presents, visits and massages – and feel the strong support of the incredible community surrounding us.


We are beyond grateful.


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  1. I seriously want to eat my phone. He’s so precious. I just want to cuddle him up! Prayers as you all adjust to life and the new normal.

  2. So cute Emma, love your blog and congratulations on your new addition! By any chance have you wrote anything on how you came up with your children’s names, I love them all!! X

    1. Thanks so much! I haven’t actually written anything about the names, probably because we mostly gleaned inspiration from movies or shows we happened to be watching at the time (ie. Felicity, Suits etc). Really, we wanted names that couldn’t easily be shortened and ones that sounded good with ‘Hughes’… though I have wanted a girl named Ivy for at least ten years I think, so I was pretty chuffed to be able to use that name with her!

      1. Oh nice!! That’s good you got to use it then! It suits her so well and is so pretty, but not too common and complicated! I think a cool blog post could be the ‘names I love but won’t be using’ tag, they have those instalments on Youtube and I find them so interesting, just an idea ! X

        1. Great idea! I know we considered heaps throughout the years of preparing for each of the babies arrivals… will file that one away for the future xx

    1. Thanks Katha! I really cannot believe that tomorrow he will be four weeks old… wow… how did that go by so fast already!?

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