What a difference a term makes, a million and four little hours… thinking back on last holidays, I’m astounded how much life can change.

At the end of Term Two, we were agonising over Hudson’s every mood, wondering if we would ever get to experience a baby that didn’t cry every moment of his wake time. We were desperately hoping the hip brace was the cause of his terrible moods, and that they weren’t an ingrained trait…

Thankfully, the real Hudson has now emerged as a happy, determined, focused and hardy human! Actually, with Eli’s constant tantrums at the moment, I’m seeing Hudson as the easy one… how things change!

At this moment, everything seems perfect… house in the process of being built, any chance we get, we head over to the block and spend time imagining our new life there. Dave is finally getting back to normal health wise, and the kids are (mostly) enjoyable. Excepting last night when Eli was the absolute most difficult he has ever been, 1.5 hours of constant tantrums… so much fun. And of course, it was the night that Dave was at parent teacher interviews so I copped that one solo.

But I digress. Life is, for this moment, exciting, tantalising and hope filled. Bring on the future, and particularly tomorrow- we are going to Ikea!! I feel like a kid again…

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