A Whirling Dervish

The election, the flu, Facebook discussions, new house visits, new neighbours, kids crafts, tantrums, that time of the month, teething, housemates, weakness, chaos, obligation, burdens, judgementalism, energy, logic, hypocrisy, comparison, vindication, disappointment, relationship, emotion.

All of these things were swirling around my brain today and I just couldn’t get my head around it. To say I was grumpy this morning would be like saying that Rudd didn’t lose too badly in the election last night.

Anyway, my amazing husband Dave, despite battling the flu and having taken care of the kids yesterday so that I could hang out with my work friends, insisted that I take the morning off Tribe to go and get a coffee and take some time to process everything. I’m not really too good at that. Sitting by myself at a table and thinking is akin to those dreams where you realise you are walking around your school buck naked. So instead I wandered around Fountain Gate trying to remember what errands I had to run.

I finally got around to processing everything later that afternoon. A few apologies and quite a few tears later I felt a lot more like myself again… Despite my inner death struggle against vulnerability, I am (very slowly) becoming more open… here’s hoping it doesn’t destroy me.

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