When time slows

and minutes creep

the ticking lags

and seconds jag

I see the hovering

pieces, floating 

settling, looming

My breath

catches silently

heaviness descends

a shimmering sheet

of light

shutting out

the lists, the beeping


I stare 

at worn hands

each crinkle tells

tales, the unseen

moments that lie 

underneath the

lavishly set table

the smoothly ruffled 


In this moment

I exist

I partake

drawing in the life

of generations

with each




This post is inspired by the Five Minute Friday writing challenge. Each week I join with this talented group of writers, free writing for five minutes in accordance with a prompt. Today’s prompt is ‘silence’. 

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Trading Places

Today marks the twelfth day. Twelve days of having a voice that can barely rise above a whisper. A dozen mornings of frantically signing at the kids to try and get them to eat faster, dress themselves and haul their belongings into the car. In some ways it has been refreshing. […]

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The Ticking Paradox

I think in waves Fingernails in need of a snip Winter beachside holidays My body sharply reminds me  of the sleeping baby’s need for sustenance … I gaze forward in anticipation, wonder hesitation and fear Caught in the moment  the bouquet of uncapped colours strewn haphazardly as if forgotten … […]

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I conspire against it biding my time tapping fingernails against the steering wheel  willing life to return  to a ‘normal’ speed again … ‘Slow’ gives me too much space to ask questions to catastrophise, ruminate be Showing up the inconsistencies  A bright, glaring light of truth … Can I learn […]

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The Veiled Symphony

There is an undergirding hum of throbbing energy, the tick  of a striding clock. Goosebumps rise on unsuspecting arms as the wind brings an imperceptible  shift. … This breath that I barely acknowledge the pumping of warmth through my veins The ping of human interactions beg for attention away from […]

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The Best Laid Plans…

I knew as soon as I struggled to lift my head from the pillows this morning. Something was off. All the grand plans I had for making the weekend special (after my moping about it not being worth looking forward to) fell in a heap – the warm pumpkin pancakes […]

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Tumbling Thoughts

Sometimes I notice too much. I see the bowing orchids and chastise myself for not watering them. The door slightly ajar to a playroom strewn with toys. The cushions heaped on the couch instead of neatly laid out in a row. I see the yoga mat beckoning me to start […]

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A Place of Happiness

It sits there in the corner – quiet and unassuming, but taking it out has become one of the treasured parts of my day. The soft, cushioning blue undergirds me, supports me as I sit peacefully. Breathing slows, I’m conscious for perhaps the first time that day of my heartbeat. […]

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