(Curdled) Salted Caramel Buttercream Frosting

Today I had one of those days where everything just seemed to align. Where you feel like you are powering through tasks and the to do list is being whittled away to nothing.

I think these days are worth celebrating particularly because they tend to be few and far between. Having just come out of a time where everything seemed that little bit harder I am all the more celebratory (another glass of cask wine anyone? :p).

We went to ‘Mister Maker’s house’ today. Well, it was technically called ‘Reverse Art Truck’ but the former name is so much cooler. And it got Eli’s attention! We delved through container upon container of recycled art supplies and dreamed of what we could make.

I am the last person you could accuse of being ‘green’ but I was really excited by the possibilities of reusing the materials. I found burlap and merino wool off cuts, the latter of which I hope to incorporate into my ‘sweater blanket’ that has been consuming my down time over the past few days (here’s hoping my inspiration for this project will last until the end this time!).

To cap off today I have made a celebratory cake: Caramel Banana Cake. It involves homemade caramel sauce swirled through the batter and a salted caramel buttercream frosting – need I say more! Time to go and put the layers together now – here’s hoping the theme of the day will continue until after this step… Desserts are generally not a good mix with my lack of patience and tendency to avoid measuring things.

Ah just as I feared, the frosting curdled and I went ahead and iced it when it was still warm so there is a big crack down the center… Back to reality :p.

PS: My amazing husband wishes me to mention that although he is very sick with a man cold at the moment he was very chivalrous and used his fingers instead of the shared spoon in sampling the cake! Selflessness to a T.

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