The Great Library Caper

*No Hudsons were (irreversibly) harmed in the creation of this blog post… We hope.

Whenever I come out of the library I feel as if I am invincible. Borrowed some cool books, got rid of the old boring ones, and the kids didn’t scream too loud – awesome! I should have taken that feeling and hot footed it home, but I decided to capitalise. I decided to go get some milk. Big mistake.

On the way to Aldi I was still feeling great. Both kids were content to see the sights from the pram and I was mentally compiling a to do list to tick off presents for upcoming birthdays. As I strolled through the aisles all the other things we ‘needed’ sprung to mind – formula, weet-bix, toilet rolls… By the time we got to the register I was already precariously balancing items on the top of the double pram. It seems that I had significantly overestimated the storage capacity of the vehicle.

As we headed urgently for the car park I was still performing acrobatic feats to prop up the shopping and steer the pram. Looking down at Hudson’s face underneath the heavy shopping bag I thought ‘wouldn’t it be terrible if the bag dropped onto him… what a bad mother I would be’.

We were almost at the car before it happened. The bag slipped in slow motion and I desperately tried to catch it. It was no use. There was a brief moment of silence before the scream came. It was of usual Hudson standard – Very Loud. I stood in the middle of the road, groceries strewn everywhere, a screaming baby in my arms and a look of utter mortification on my face.

Head down I raced to the car and tried to load the kids in. But screaming kids somehow have a tendency to multiply and before long the noise had doubled. It used up all my self control not to join in as I attempted to pack the car and strap Eli and Hudson in, whilst simultaneously trying to peel off the ridiculous amount of clothing layers I had judged necessary when dressing this morning.

Not quite sure what the moral of the story was, other than maybe don’t do stupid things and expect good results? Either that or never go grocery shopping again… Hmm I think I like that last lesson better. :p

Didn’t really have a hand free to take a shot of the chaos but here are a few from the last few days.

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