The Runaway Train

In my last post I said I loved motherhood most of the time. Well, this morning was one of those other times!

Hudson is in a brace for his hip dysplasia (however you spell that) and we had to go to a 45 minute appointment with the physio this morning to check his progress. For most other appointments so far I have had the luxury of Grandma Pat looking after Eli; but this time I insisted I would be fine. Silly me.

The torrential rain probably didn’t help, or the fact that I decided not to bring the pram. The physio running late also wasn’t ideal, nor was the fact that I had to wake Hudson from his morning nap to get there in time. No, the real catastrophe came in the form of Eli in undies.

First there was the puddle of wee on the stairs as he sat playing with my phone. I thought I handled that ok, whipped out the travel potty and changed him into the spare clothes in my bag (after a semi nudie run around the room, of course!). It was not ten minutes later when I was finally giving a screaming Huston his bottle that a far away look came over Eli’s face. ‘Oh dear, please don’t be a poo, please no!’ But it was too late. I’ll spare you the details of the clean up and needless to say, Eli is now back in nappies for a bit. At least until I can forget the horror of this morning!

Usually I pride myself in factoring in all the variables and bring able to juggle the demands of our family, but the paralysing feeling of the circumstances overcoming all my best laid plans was not one I would like to experience again in a hurry! (I must say, though, the physio handled the chaos with remarkable dignity and was a life saver by offering to feed Hudson while I hauled Eli to the bathroom!) Despite the situation resolving as well as can be I still felt so uptight and angry for the whole ride to Nanny and Pa’s house.

I’m learning more and more that the need to be in control is simply not sustainable, particularly if we want any more children. I suspect that the quicker I can learn to go with the flow and accept help a bit more, the happier we all will be. It did massively improve my mood when I could hand both kids to their enthusiastic grandparents!  I’ll probably also need to learn to manage my under the breath swearing when things go wrong (another post kids phenomenon) but maybe that can be a lesson for another day!

Not as many photos today, pulling out the phone to capture the moment was not high on my list of priorities…

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