Fostering the Future

Today I got to spend an afternoon with one amazing three-year-old. How crazy is it that you can bring into the world humans that you can actually hang out with and enjoy watching grow and develop! 
In the morning we emptied Eli’s money box and collected $10.00 for a shopping expedition to Target. After putting Hudson down for an afternoon nap, we waved good bye to Nanny and headed towards Westfield Knox. Eli was very cute wandering the aisles in the toy section, asking me what the price of everything was and figuring out whether he had enough to buy it. I let him make all the decisions and he eventually settled on two figurines from the Octonauts. 
After handing over the small mountain of coins, we left with one happy boy and some chocolates to share. Eli couldn’t wait to unwrap the packages so we settled down on some comfortable chairs and he immediately started playing. Then we had a special trip to McDonalds for an ice cream and some chips before heading back to Nanny and Pa’s.
Lately it feels like this parenting gig just gets better and better. The boys are playing together more and more and even trying to out do each other with things like sharing! Don’t get me wrong, there are many times in the day that things are far from perfect and I lose my cool over them not listening or doing silly things, but on the whole, I couldn’t be happier that I have chosen to make my ‘career’ looking after and developing my kids. 
Hudson is being pretty damn cute at the moment too. Every morning, from the moment he wakes, his first word and action is ‘bah-ge-ball’! Dave has set up a mini ring hanging off the chalkboard and he makes very good use of it. In fact, if he ever gets the chance to go outside with one of us to play with the adult sized ring, you can guarantee that you will be the one to tire first. He has a crazy level of focus and determination going on!
Only one more week until we find out whether we continue our brood of boys or experience an injection of femininity! I’m getting excited planning our gender reveal party and the brunch menu. People always ask if I’m hoping for a girl, but while having a girl would be amazing, I really am very happy to have another boy. The key moment will come when the envelope is opened and the mystery is revealed. I guess I’ll know then for sure whether I’m accurately gauging my own expectations. 
Either way, I’m pretty well convinced that having a big family would be amazing. Yes, it’s going to take a lot of refining of my controlling and perfectionist ways, but, man, is it worth it! We went to Emerald Lake Park for a picnic last Saturday and it seemed that every second family walking past had four or more kids. There is just something about the companionship and shared values and experiences that seems to come with a big family. 
I guess all we can really do is take it one kid at a time…one amazing kid at a time! 

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