Road trip to Newrybar: Upstairs Downstairs

Much of the trip up to this point had been spent telling Eli that we were travelling to Aunty Louise and Gigi’s house. Today was the day we would finally see them.

When we arrived it was so nice to be greeted by friendly faces. Aunty Louise is one of the most beautiful people I know – she has this beaming serenity that is so attractive. We were treated to a fashionably late feast by Annelyse – Beef Bourgignon, and Grandma managed to work her magic on a screaming Hudson. Eli quickly acquainted himself with the staircase and spent most of his spare moments making his way up and down.

Over the course of the next two days we engaged in deep discussions, watched many brotherly wrestling matches and played word games with Freddy over Thai food and macadamia ice cream. Eli and Dave even had an expedition to the beach.

There is something very comforting about visiting family when travelling. The uncertainty of being on the road can lend itself to catastrophising. Nevertheless, it is also nice to set out again as a family after the visiting is over… next stop Kempsey!

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