Road trip to Newrybar: A Step Back in Time

One of the main catalysts for this blog was the need to preserve the memories of our road trip. For weeks prior to the trip I spent hours researching places to stay as we trekked up through Sydney to see Baba and Deda and then to see Aunty Lou Lou and Gigi in  Newrybar. We had done a similar trip when Eli was three months old,  though we only made it as far as Coffs Harbour. By taking Hudson around the same age we have made it a tradition!

We talked about the trip a lot to Eli before we went, labelling it an ‘adventure’! It was so exciting to see the wonder in his eyes. Not even an hour into the road trip we were almost ready to turn back, though, as Eli had been screaming for most of that time… Finally he fell asleep as I twisted awkwardly backwards to hold his hand,  an action that then had to be repeated pretty much every time he went to sleep :s

At our first stop in Euroa we were starting to regain faith as we shared our first breakfast outside a bakery. Eli delighted in running around and exploring the town. By the time we reached Lockhart we were more than back in holiday mode!

The Little Rose Cottage was perfect. Built over 100 years ago, each room was overflowing with character and creaky floorboards. From the front garden it was a short stroll to the main street so we paused for coffee in a 1920s style cafe and played soccer at the playground. It was so cool watching Eli try to dribble the ball and line up so carefully to take a kick. Hudson had surprised us with how settled he was in the car and he went with the flow well.

After a home cooked meal and bathing the kids in the claw foot bath, we settled in to watch the first episode of Elementary before drifting off to sleep.

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