Road trip to Newrybar: Meet the Grandparents

With an early morning start and a trek through McDonald’s drive through, we were on our way to Baba and Deda’s house.

While Hudson seemed content to sleep through much of the trip, Eli was a different story! It seemed that every fifteen minutes he needed a change of activity… The DVD player we borrowed from Leanne and Ivan became a very important piece of equipment.

Five and a half hours of driving later, we were pulling up to Baba and Deda’s driveway. It didn’t take long for Eli to make himself at home, playing soccer in the mammoth backyard and pushing around Baba’s trolley. Almost every spare moment that wasn’t spent eating was centred around soccer!
Words are inadequate to describe the fare at Baba’s- in the two days we were there we ate schnitzel, spaghetti, fried potatoes and lamb cutlets as well as cakes and crepes! Eli ate half his body weight and loved everything…

It was so nice to watch Baba with Hudson. Having had her own very unsettled baby (thanks dad) she was instantly back in the zone, gently calming Hudson and taking over pretty much every feed. Deda took a little longer to warm up but soon began calling Hudson ‘little Barney’ and was chuffed to notice that he had passed on his restless fingers!

I always learn a lot about myself at Baba’s house. Usually not great things… This time I realised I became really uncertain as a mother around Baba. Her strong ideas and plentiful advice and my non confrontational nature weren’t a good mix. Really I became disappointed in myself that I struggled to even share my opinion in the non contentious things.

I also became critical of Deda for never saying anything positive about his grandchildren and only seeking to cut down. For once I even got the courage to confront him about it. He responded surprisingly well.

We found lots of things to affirm about Baba and Deda too. While their bluntness can be uncomfortable at times, it is also very refreshing. At least you always know where you stand! Their commitment to living simply (in most things) is also commendable and something for us to try and emulate. Baba’s generosity is also incredible – seeing how much Eli loved playing with her trolley she offered for him to keep it, despite the fact that it is the only way she is still able to walk around the shops. You only have to look at something in her house for over a second to have her offer it to you.
Baba and Deda clearly had an impact on Eli too. Almost every day since he has mentioned them, either by asking to go to their house or saying he is talking to them when he picks up our phones.
Definitely glad we got the chance to visit. Family is so important and something to cherish.

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