Road Trip to Newrybar: Into the Wild

If I had actually bothered to read the instructions carefully when booking Cascades Cottage in Elands I probably would have passed onto the next option. With directions like ‘when you get to the mailbox with the dog on it’ and ‘drive slowly over the rustic grate’ it should have been clear that we were truly heading to the middle of nowhere.

We broke up the long journey by a stop at a nice cow themed cafe. The food was lovely but the experience was slightly marred by a very unsettled Hudson who refused to go to sleep so we took it in turns with him in the Baby Bjorn outside.

We stocked up on provisions at the general store/cafe/post place and I had my pick of one of the two carrots, 10 of the 20 beans and 1 of the few onions that were in stock! Yet despite the out of the way nature of the place we still had a huge trip on dirt roads to get to our place! Given our recent experience with Hudson’s gastro and the isolating feeling of no reception, we were just a little apprehensive.

When we finally arrived at the cottage we relaxed a little. The place was very peaceful and charming in a farmhouse sort of way. We took turns taking Eli exploring and plucking oranges and lemons from the laden trees. The place did have a landline so we made use of it to chat with family back home. We enjoyed some wine and beef in black bean sauce for dinner.

After being somewhat unimpressed with Elementary the first night if the trip, we gave it another shot. This time we loved it!

The next morning we spotted many kangaroos as we made the trek back towards civilization. The Elands waterfalls were also spectacular and not too far off the unbeaten track.

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