Road Trip to Newrybar: Back to the 60s

When booking the trip I spent a huge chunk of time trying to book a stay in Bellingen. I had very fond memories of our brief drive through last time and I was determined to visit. The expense and lack of suitable accommodation for our needs thwarted me, so I had to be content with an afternoon jaunt instead.

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and the streets were so full of character. We explored and admired and searched for ingredients for dinner.

The thing I remember most about the rest of the trip to Kempsey was the last half hour: horrible. Both kids either screaming or winging… enough to make you question your sanity! But when we arrived and finally settled the boys to an afternoon nap, we had regained our perspective.

The actual accommodation was quite odd, decorated in bright olive green and scarlet. It was the kind of place that would have felt appropriate if our family had been huddling around a wireless.

We enjoyed steak for dinner and a pastry from Bellingen, then played soccer up and down the red carpeted hallways.

I just realised I actually have no idea what the actual town of Kempsey is like because we spent the entire time holed up in our apartment. Nevertheless it was just what we needed to regain our energy for the rest of the trip.

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