Road trip to Newrybar: Another Era

After our expedition to the back of beyond we were happy to be heading into civilisation again. We stopped for an early morning jaunt in Wingham. Eli stretched his legs at the playground and I toured every op shop in town! We paused for a coffee and Devonshire tea at the local cafe before heading on our way.

Charlie’s Cottage was built over 100 years ago and felt every bit as ancient. With hessian floors, a cast iron fireplace stove, and mosquito netting over every bed, we felt as if we had stepped back in time. We spent much of our daylight hours on the plant laden verandah looking out over the valley and drinking our wine from clay goblets.

Using the kitchen was a bit of a challenge as it was definitely not a normal set up, the feature being the old stove. Nevertheless we managed to scrape together a Butter Chicken curry and it was delicious. Eli spent some time exploring all the nooks and crannies with his cars and then we tucked them both into bed.

The next morning we took turns exploring the property with Eli and marveled at the amazing vista. Though lacking in convenience, the cottage was not, by any means, short on character.

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