Road trip to Newrybar: Roughing It

The Sapphire Coast is one of our favorite stretches of Australia. From just above Berry to around Merimbula, we found that every town had so much character and was worth stopping at.

Realistically, we were only able to stop at Bateman’s Bay and Tilba Tilba, but we made the most of both stops. The first stop, Dave had fun picking out new clothes and shoes at Rivers and we enjoyed a yummy lunch at Hog’s Breath Cafe. At Tilba Tilba we enjoyed the best iced coffee ever as we sat on the comfortable enclosed balcony at one of the local cafes.

When we finally got to our cabin in Merimbula we were stretched pretty thin. Eli was losing it and so were we, though the sight of flocks of tame kangeroos basically ensured an excitement level in direct opposition to naps. We gave up eventually and let him feed the animals with the complimentary feed bags provided.

We feasted on very hot Nando’s flavored chicken for dinner, with Eli taking enthusiastic gulps of water to cope with the spice!

This cabin was my least favorite, rubbed in by the fact it was second most expensive for a thin walled eco (code name: crap) three room wooden tent. The very tame kangaroos were the only saving grace… until one decided to box my face early the next morning. Apparently a sign of attraction – awkward!

We didn’t have to linger for long though, and the Maccas breakfast the next morning definitely went some ways towards rescuing the penultimate stay.

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