Road trip to Newrybar: Berry Bliss

When I think back on this trip in years to come, I think the two nights we stayed in the Stables just outside of Berry will hold the most treasured memories. Whether it was the fact we stayed two nights and got to linger and enjoy the moment a lot more, the perfectly appointed cabin, the complimentary wine and cheese, the boutique beer tasting or rolling hills just outside our front door, all I can say is, we loved it!

The weather was absolutely perfect, though our arrival was a little chaotic as usual. Tumbling through the door and pushing screaming kids into bed for long overdue naps is not that ideal! But when the screams finally turned to peaceful snores, we settled back to enjoy some wine and cheese overlooking the beautiful view.

The trip must have taken its toll on Eli because he refused to even get up for dinner, as good as pleading with us to put him back to bed after his late nap! We enjoyed a simple stir fry, then hit the sack ourselves.

The next morning was so peaceful, not having to do our military like packing and leaving routine, we leisurely enjoyed bacon and eggs with freshly baked bread… Eli spent a long time exploring the countryside with Dave and we soaked up the sunshine on the patio.

We finally headed into Berry around mid afternoon. Dave selflessly took the kids to the playground so I could go exploring. I visited an amazing homewares store and bought a little wooden tea crate for our new place. Then we met up and visited the Berry Emporium for coffee and cheesecake.

When we finally headed back to the cabin both kids were pretty exhausted. We had Green  Curry for dinner and sampled the boutique beer I scored from our afternoon outing. A pretty perfect ending to our quiet escape.

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