Write 31 Days: Instagram Series

I still remember the click of the metal tin. The smooth forms in perfect order, resting silently in hollow beds. Pencils. Waiting to be swept up in passionate fingers, begging to sing onto the page. My eyes scanned hungrily over the names- Vermillion, Emerald Green, Burnt Umber. Somehow they seemed enchanted, a word giving untold magic to the living colour.

I’ve never been able to artistically capture that hovering swirl and pour it onto a page, except in the form of words. Words are my magic, my portal to other realms. Photos are the closest medium I have for expressing the physical form of that creativity – harnessing the vibrancy of the moment and capturing it for pondering over later.

This month I’m linking these loves – photographs, colours, words through the Write 31 Days Instagram Series challenge.

If you want to challenge yourself, join me! Or just follow along here or over on Instagram.

1. Sky Blue

2. Rose pink

3. Chocolate

4. Mineral green

5. Violet

6. Amethyst

7. Ruby

8. Ash gray

9. Apricot

10. Beige

11. Raven

12. Sapphire

13. Burnt Umber

14. Terracotta

15. Deep Vermillion

16. Cobalt Blue

17. Gunmetal Grey

18. Juniper Green

19. Straw Yellow

20. Aquamarine

21. Indigo

22. Cedar Green

23. Crimson Lake

24. Ultramarine

25. Mustard

26. Prussian Blue

27. Cadmium Yellow

28. French Grey

29. Champagne

30. Midnight Blue

31. Geranium Lake

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The Sphere

I only have these eyes  from which to see the world I only have these ears  to witness beauty unfurl These fingers type and try to make  a picture of what I take in This breath I can use to sigh  in regret or savour the satin  wonder of Ivy’s […]

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Gastro. Its insidious presence has infiltrated our house and if there were ever I time I wished I could yell ‘cut’ and go to the next scene, today would be it. Boatloads of washing, frantic spraying of disinfectant over ever possible surface, springing to life at every moan and holding […]

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Doing Time

We wake up, dole weet-bix and porridge into little bowls, mediate squabbles, talk our eldest down from rages. Bags are packed, lunch made, drink bottles refilled. Tasks that we repeat over and over, words that we say again, problems that won’t go away. Sometimes the changing date is the only […]

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Irrational Imaginings

Food at the moment is divided into two categories – stuff that works, and that which doesn’t. I wouldn’t exactly call it craving, but there have been stages of addiction to edible items, usually those of the fast food variety. The day I found out you could no longer buy […]

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A Wildflower Bouquet

I gather them Little twigs of delight long stemmed blooms of  moments played well words nicely spoken harmony embodied in rapidly sprouting minds. Glossy leaves of focus the quiet rustle of pages unbidden, heartfelt offers of thanks rainbows captured on shimmering white, the scattering of  uncapped ink.  … I breathe […]

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Going Into Combat

Confrontation. It is a word laden with emotion and the thought of it makes my heart race a little faster. Some people thrive on a good verbal stoush and I used to be one of them (just ask my sisters!) – relishing debates with my school and university friends, unafraid to […]

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Banding Together

When things go wrong, when sickness hits, when the rages storm… it is difficult to stand back and keep the global view in perspective. The little frustrations seem to add up to a negative whole, my self worth (tied up so often in what I do) seems to languish when […]

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