The Sphere

I only have these eyes 

from which to see the world

I only have these ears 

to witness beauty unfurl

These fingers type and try to make 

a picture of what I take in

This breath I can use to sigh 

in regret or savour the satin 

wonder of Ivy’s silken hair

look deep into their eyes and

puzzle at what is going on there 

I only have this life to live

the action is always here

It is solely in the choice I have

to see this as my magic sphere

This post is part of the #Write31Days challenge that I’m participating in along with a talented community of other writers. We free write for five minutes (or more) guided by a prompt. Today’s prompt is ‘only’. 


For more information on 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes, check out Christina Hubbard’s site!


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