The Veiled Symphony

There is an undergirding hum

of throbbing energy, the tick 

of a striding clock.

Goosebumps rise on unsuspecting arms

as the wind brings an imperceptible 


This breath that I barely acknowledge

the pumping of warmth through my veins

The ping of human interactions

beg for attention away from the 


I cautiously slow down my movements

soaking everything in

Savouring the strum of the 

melody that accompanies the

striving, rushing, whirling.

I hear clearly as if for the first time


This post is part of the last Five Minute Friday challenge for 2016! What a privilege it has been to gather with this group of writers, free writing for five minutes each Friday in accordance with a prompt. Today’s prompt is ‘now’. 

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  1. Beautiful :). I regret that I didn’t spend time just watching my children grow when they were little–everything seemed so hurried and rushed and immediate. I learned my lesson and I’m spending countless hours staring at and marveling over all that my grandson does!

    1. How beautiful is that second chance and the perspective that comes with it! I know I’ll have regrets about what I majored on now too, particularly those moments when everything collides and I choose efficiency… but I really hope that one day I get to experience my children’s children and the magic that that brings…

  2. Emma, You have such power with your words to make me see and imagine. Again, I sit here and think and wonder.
    This: “I cautiously slow down my movements… soaking everything in” and I find myself crying out “Yes, me too!”
    Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas! ❤️️

  3. I always love your poems. They capture your thoughts so well and I often feel like I’m there with you. Beautiful! I’m in the 60 spot this week.

    1. I really have fallen in love with poetry as a medium that can convey so much at once and connect with people in unexpected ways – can’t believe it took until I joined the FMF community until I was brave enough to try it!

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