Write 31 Days

I’m so excited to be trying something new this year – the challenge of writing every day in October alongside so many other bloggers and writers.

More specifically, I’m doing the five minute free writes (#5MFW) version which is hosted by the talented Christina Hubbard.

It is simple really, write five minutes (or more) each day in accordance with a prompt. I’m looking forward to seeing where the journey takes me.

If you are interested in following along, this will be the main page where I link in all the articles.

Day 1: Walking Into the Past

Day 2: Paint it Black

Day 3: The Little Room of Magic

Day 4: The Secret Brew

Day 5: Uncovering Stillness

Day 6: Living In-between

Day 7: The Three Stages

Day 8: A Delightful Muddle

Day 9: Fighting with Stationery

Day 10: The Vexing Unknown

Day 11: A Beautiful Conundrum

Day 12: Reaching for the Sky

Day 13: Joining the Dots

Day 14: Love in the Mail

Day 15: A Place of Happiness

Day 16: The Little Things

Day 17: Flickers of Another Life

Day 18: Surprise Connections

Day 19: Tumbling Thoughts

Day 20: The Mirage

Day 21: Turning it Off and On Again

Day 22: The Best Laid Plans…

Day 23: The Dark Side of Parenting

Day 24: Banding Together

Day 25: Silence isn’t Always Golden

Day 26: Going Into Combat

Day 27: A Wildflower Bouquet

Day 28: Irrational Imaginings

Day 29: Doing Time

Day 30: Editing

Day 31: The Sphere

For more information on the Write 31 Days challenge, check out Christina Hubbard’s site!


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    1. Yay! Will check out your blog for sure – love discovering new writers out there, particularly those in the same crazy life stage 😉

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