A Perfect Storm

There is a fellow mum on Facebook whose posts really irk me. It seems as if nothing can go wrong for her and even if it does, she just floats on a cloud of dreams right above it all.

Last week I was sermonising to Hali that if someone bothers you, it usually says more about an insecurity in yourself rather than an accurate depiction of who they are. Funny how easy it is to see the plank in someone else’s eye… I needed to take some of my own advice.

I know that I don’t like looking incompetent or like life is ever hard, but I didn’t realise how it would affect my relationships. Recently I’ve been meeting up for coffee with my best friend and I’ve only just got up the courage to share my struggles in one particular area after 8.5 years. In my conversation with her I probably cried for half of the time but the feeling of freedom when I sat broken and exposed was actually amazing. Since then I have also opened up to my housemate and found that the honesty and vulnerability has been invaluable for our friendship.

It goes against every grain to expose your deepest fears and struggles, but the battle to pretend perfection is far more exhausting, lonely and annoying than I realised it would be. Here’s to being an honest, flawed and hopeful human being!

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