Magic Forests

I’ve had a revolution. It may not be *new* scientifically speaking, but it has completely changed the way I look at the world! Neuroplasticity.

After sharing a rather emotional encounter I had experienced with my mum, she mentioned that I should watch a seminar presentation by a Neuro scientist that she had just seen. Apparently it was all about how our toxic thinking actually causes physical changes in the brain and we have the power to rewire it.

I was intrigued and as soon as the kids went off to sleep I settled down to watch. Apart from the very Pentecostal flavor of the presentation, the actual science of the brain was phenomenal. I definitely can’t convey the profundity of the science, but I think the basic idea was that once we process all the information in our brains, our active thoughts become mental real estate which then create actual genetic material which is then used in our body. In other words, if we hold onto bitterness or unforgiveness, it actually causes an imbalance in the brain which causes chemicals to go out of wack and can lead to real physical or mental illness.

All this would be quite depressing but for the amazing reality that we have the power to rewire our brains. By forgiving those who have harmed us and  letting go of the anger, bitterness, need to control etc we can change the gnarled thought trees into healthy thriving ones. The tree analogy actually matches what shows up on a brain scan, apparently scientists call the depiction ‘the magic forest’ of the mind. There is apparently a 21 day program available online that can help you identify toxic thought patterns and alter them.

For me the biggest thing was the insight that you cannot control what happens to you in life. What you can control is your response to the events. This may seem pretty obvious, but my life thus far has given me the illusion that I actually am in control. I have pretty much done whatever I have wanted to do as soon as I put my mind to it. Until the age of 28, my life was pretty perfect. Studied law, had good career, great husband, amazing kid, supportive family. Then Hudson came along with his angry rage cries, plethora of health issues, and incredible willpower to match my own. I tried so hard to control him but to no avail. The illusion was completely shattered.

I’m a big believer in consequences. Neuroplasticity, then, is the perfect antidote to my condition. Why on earth would I hold onto crap thought patterns that are only going to harm myself? If only I had come across this before Hudson, but then maybe I would not have seen the profundity then.

I don’t know if my new outlook is responsible or if it is just a coincidence, but for the last three days, Hudson has been an angel child! Cooing and chatting, huge smiles and a voracious appetite to learn new things… I have no idea what he has done with the old Hudson, but I’m not asking too many questions!

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