The Grass isn’t Greener…

This morning Hudson and I had another hospital date. Six weeks ago I was standing in the outpatient clinic,  tears streaming down my face, as we tried to fit the brace on a screaming Hudson. Today was a very different experience.

Firstly, I wasn’t running half an hour late,  it wasn’t pouring with rain and Hudson wasn’t trying to beat his current decibel record. The real reason, however, was something far more simple.

Yesterday I pompously told Dave that comparison was the root of all evil, blissfully ignorant of the fact my very last sentence had contained this apparent vice. I admit I slightly over reacted, and actually in reflecting I’ve realised there is actually a very positive form of comparison – perspective.

Whilst waiting the hour or so for the appointment,  my attention was captured by a mother and her three beautiful children. Despite also waiting for a significant time they were cheerfully chatting and interacting together. The mother was friendly and open and engaged Hudson and I in conversation. I found out that two of her children had club feet, requiring surgery and braces and that the youngest (3) was still yet to be discharged. Yet despite this situation they all remained positive and enthusiastically grasped life with both hands. She spoke of how much she loved motherhood and it clearly showed in her approach. The friendliness was contagious and soon another mother had joined in the conversation.

I so admire the qualities that this lady displayed and the interaction has inspired me. I want to be the type of person who is inviting to those around me and draws people together. In my mind’s eye, my goal is to be an Italian mama on the inside (but French chic on the outside :p). Maybe if I write it down I will have some hope of actually achieving it!

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