The Simple Things

It feels as if the sun is breaking through the clouds a little today. After an intense week of wondering whether the house we have planned for and dreamed about for the past year was going to slip through our fingers, we have been saved by multiple offers from friends and family. Very humbling.

I think it is also (in hindsight) the only way we would have actually followed our values to live simply as a reality rather than a hobby. Now we will have some degree of empathy for those living pay check to pay check, though with the knowledge that we have multiple safety nets if we fall. That is true luxury.

Spending the day with my amazing parents in law, I was again struck by how lucky our children are to have family that dotes on them and would give anything for them. I only hope we can be the same for their children one day.

From Grandpa walking in the rain with Eli to see the trains and picking up a secret chocolate frog or five on the way, to Grandma holding Hudson when he screamed to ease his gut ache, to the regular presents that seem to pop up every visit – how could money even come close to replacing these things?

I am also so thrilled to watch the boys develop and grow before my eyes and their relationship as brothers blossom. Eli is getting way too smart for his own britches and Hudson’s cooing and trying to talk is very winsome. I love that Eli can be fully bear hugging Hudson on the ground and he will just be grinning with delight at his brother. Amazing.

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